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Why LumArt Photography?

I help people and places across South Australia tell their stories through images, in creative and engaging ways. Through the media of both ‘traditional’ film and digital processes I’m able to capture the different, the difficult, the unusual and the unique.


Natalie Chumbley

About Natalie

I have been interested in art in all forms since I was a kid. I was forever sketching in school, and actually got detention once for sketching a portrait of my math teacher instead of drawing up a graph.

In university I studied visual arts as well as psychology, and dabbled in all sorts of mediums from painting to jewellery making, but it wasn’t until my first time in the darkroom that I really felt at home.

Throughout my studies, when everyone else was using digital cameras, I was plodding along stubbornly with film, spending hours in the darkroom just to get one perfect image.

This determination to use film in a digital era has given me a great understanding of light and depth and has enabled me to be patient and disciplined in my creative work. When I bought a digital camera 10 years ago I found I already had such a strong foundation on which to build my skills.

Now I photograph everything from B&Bs to wine bottles to dumplings. I love to hear “I have a bit of an unusual request” or “I can’t find someone who can photograph this for me.” The constant variety in my work brings new challenges and opportunity for growth. In every job I endeavour to tell your story and represent your brand as organically as possible.


Words of support on my work and approach.

Dell'uva Wines

I first worked with Natalie in 2017 when I asked her to photograph some of my wine bottles for cataloguing. I have worked with her numerous times since to develop my brand. She is a pleasure to work with, bringing attention to detail to every project. Her communication and people skills are excellent, and she has some very innovative ideas. I have been happy with all the work that she has produced and I recommend her to any business.

Wayne Farquhar, Director

CSJ Electrical

We have employed Natalie on 2 occasions to take photographs for CSJ Electrical. Natalie is very thorough and professional, and her work is excellent. Her high quality images have helped portray our high standards in business and reflect our values and assets as a company. She is easy to work with and flexible in her approach. I am happy to recommend her.

Peita Johnson, Administration

Eco Patch

LumArt Photography has helped me turn my e-commerce site from novice to expert with her stunning product shots. The cohesive style and impeccable styling have increased my website traffic and sales with a lot of positive feedback from customers and business peers alike. I cannot thank Natalie enough for the amazing work she has done and the help she has given my business. I will continue to work with LumArt Photography for all of my for my product photos.

Laura Mudge, Owner

Clive Palmer Photography

I have worked with Natalie since 2016. I often need to employ her services to assist with group photographs, and she works for me through the school year. Natalie has fantastic people skills and is excellent at problem solving and thinking on her feet. She has a great understanding of the equipment, and of light and how to manipulate it. She works well under pressure, and is always positive, courteous and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Clive Palmer, Owner


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