My process

A tailored approach to suit your project requirements



Schedule andPlanning

This is where I learn about you and your brand.

Getting an idea of your style, values and the way you work means I can deliver content that best represents you.

During the Pre Production stage I have to conceptualise the shoot and take a lot of different aspects into consideration such as;

  • Finding a location
  • Food or Product Styling
  • Lighting and Camera equipment needed
  • Weather conditions
  • Time of day and available light
  • Time or work space constraints
  • Props required
  • Booking a model

Good pre production ensures we maximise efficiency on shoot day and eliminate non-essential shots from the workflow, which in the end saves time and money!



Capturing the shots

This is the fun part! All the planning and visualising comes to life. What to expect on Shoot Day varies depending on the Style of Photoshoot – If I am shooting your food, staff or premises then you may choose to be a part of process. If I am photographing your products in my studio then you have already helped me all you can in the pre production phase.



Selections, editing and colour grading

This is a time consuming but very necessary step in the way we work. This is where your Images get from great to excellent. This is also where we can manipulate colours and mood to fit in with your style and branding.

The process involves:

  • Downloading and backing up Images
  • Culling extra or unnecessary Images
  • Initial colour correction, exposure correction and cropping and framing of all Images

Detailed editing and retouching Image by Image in Photoshop and/or Lightroom to bring Images to a professional level. This step can take hours or weeks depending on the number of Images and the specifics of the job.



Files despatch and printing

Handover includes the formatting, exporting and uploading of Images for Client Delivery. This is where you have the option to preview Images for any last minute tweaking. Images will be delivered in a format suiting Client’s needs – usually by uploading to my locked online gallery where they can then be downloaded as needed. Any printing and framing can also be negotiated either before or at handover, or later down the track if your needs change.

Ways to work

A tailored approach to suit your project requirements.

  • From my
  • $ Studio Product / Portrait
    • My Tanunda studio is fully equipped for wine, product, jewellery and portrait photography. I use a combination of natural and strobe lighting and have various props for styling. I can pick up your products and drop them back after the session.

  • At your
  • $ Premises Lifestyle / Portrait / Property
    • My studio equipment is fully portable and can be relocated to your premises. This is a popular option for food photography, as it requires access to the kitchen, or staff photos where it’s easier to coordinate people and their availability.
  • On-site
  • $ Location Event / Functions
    • If you’re holding an event, or have a family, business or social gathering, I can be onsite to capture the moments that matter. I bring all required equipment and manage the shoot unobtrusively, allowing you to enjoy the time together.

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